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Palo Santo 'Palito Pequeño' Wood Sticks for Innovative Incense Sublimation

Revolutionize your incense experience with Palito Pequeño Palo Santo Wood Sticks. Discover the power of innovative sublimation, a game-changer in Palo Santo smudging. No lighting required. Immerse yourself in pure essence diffusion like never before, all at a special price. Elevate your senses with this groundbreaking technique. Experience the difference today at an unbeatable value.
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Experience the innovative practice of sublimation at a special price with our Palito Pequeño and indulge in the continuous diffusion of pure Palo Santo essence. Unlike traditional smudging, this method requires no lighting of the stick. By harnessing heat, the essence naturally contained within the Palo Santo wood is extracted without burning the wood, eliminating smoke and odors associated with combustion and allowing the pure aroma to spread.

Palo Santo is a natural incense derived from the Bursera graveolens tree. Its aromatic benefits have been recognized for centuries, as it purifies spaces, promotes harmony, and enhances overall well-being, fostering relaxation and introspection.


Through our direct control over the production process, we carefully select the wood and offer you the Palito Pequeño variety as a cost-effective alternative to experience the new aroma sublimation of Palo Santo. The entire crafting and packaging process of Palito Pequeño takes place manually in Ecuador, with no intermediaries involved. We collaborate with local families and artisans who are committed to ethical and sustainable production. The Palo Santo wood, harvested exclusively from trees at the end of their natural life cycle in Ecuador, is carefully selected to exclude any resin-deficient parts. Only the resin-rich sections are used to create short-cut sticks, which form our Palito Pequeño variety.

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