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LynphaVitale is an expression of daily joy and healthy living. It's the result of a long journey in search of cultures and traditions, which gives life to natural,
ethical and sustainable remedies.

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Lynphavitale is an expression of well-being, daily joy and healthy living. It is the result of a long journey searching cultures and traditions, which gives life to natural, effective and safe remedies.

Travel is discovery. Our most important discovery was in Ecuador when we got to know Palo Santo incense.We have formed partnerships with the Santa Elena's prefecture in Ecuador and with many local families who help us in the incense's production.

Palo Santo comes from Bursera graveolens, a plant native to the Galapagos Islands, but which also grows wild in Ecuador and Peru. Its name means 'holy wood' because thousands of years ago it was used by pre-Columbian shamans in sacred rituals and healing ceremonies. However even today its aroma is very popular and widespread. It is used to purify the energies of environments, promote inner harmony and mental and physical balance, and stimulate concentration and introspection.

The entire Lynphavitale & Herborea's philosophy revolves around how Palo Santo incense is obtained. Nature and its course must be respected so that it can generously provide us with the resources we need. Palo Santo wood is only harvested from trees that have naturally fallen to the ground for more than three years. If the tree is cut while it is still alive with the sole aim of making a profit, the result is a poor quality product, because the resin didn't have the opportunity to penetrate and permeate the wood fibres inside the tree. Another reason is that fresh wood has a lot of residual moisture in it, which causes aromatic changes that can quickly lead to the deterioration of the resin contained in the trunk. For this reason, Palo Santo is considered a symbol of harmonious cooperation between man and nature.

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We have travelled a lot, met different cultures, rediscovered ancient traditions. We have accumulated experiences and Lynphavitale/Herborea was born from all of this.

Every day we choose to live in harmony with ourselves and the universe around us. Our philosophy is based on the Andean cosmovision. Everything that moves is connected with Pachamama, Mother Earth, the one who sustains us, nourishes us, comforts us and gives us life. Pachamama generously dispenses and radiates her Energy, so that it pervades the whole Universe. Human beings have a reciprocal relationship with Pachamama, which is the principle that governs the entire cosmos: we take care of her, she repays us by giving us with her gifts.You always get more than you give when you are generous and selfless.

During our many travels we have crossed South America and encountered Palo Santo: South American wood from Bursera graveolens, an aromatic incense that was used by shamans in pre-Columbian times during sacred rituals and healing ceremonies.

We learned about Copal in Mexico, an aromatic resin that has been the basis of all purification ceremonies and rituals since Aztec times. In the East we came into contact with the Ayurvedic tradition.

Inspired by this way of life and its expression of well-being, we dedicated a personalised product line to Ayurveda.

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