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100% natural and eco-sustainable incense

Palo Santo is a natural incense that comes from the Bursera graveolens plant. Its aroma has multiple benefits: it purifies room energies, promotes inner harmony and mental and physical rebalancing, and stimulates concentration and introspection.

Specialists for over 20 years

Our Palo Santo incense is made exclusively from Bursera graveolens, a tree native to the Galapagos Islands that grows wild in Ecuador and Peru. We were the first to import and distribute this incense in Europe and we also created our own brand for it: Palosanto®. In Ecuador, we have established a production site that boasts the collaboration of the prefecture of Santa Elena and over thirty-five local families, for the production of incense and handicrafts

Our formats

Our offer of Palo Santo incense is differentiated. We have created several formats, designed for different usage habits. In addition to the classic wooden stick, you will find cones and incense sticks, which burn independently without any help; grains and shavings, to create special mixtures for fumigations in braziers; essential oils and resins, to obtain pure aromas diffusion.

Our varieties

We have created four Palo Santo varieties that differ in size, geographical origin and aromatic fragrances. Our Palo Santo from Peru is diversified into:

Popular variety, standard stick size and aromatic intensity

Seleccion variety, thin stick: specifically designed for those who want a light fumigation and easy ignition

Especial variety, thick stick: rough cut, classic Peruvian Palo Santo stick; its ignition requires more focus and needs the aid of a steady flame (like a candle), the resulting fumigation is abundant and long-lasting.

Palo Santo Amarillo is harvested and produced in our production site in southern Ecuador, the size of these palo santo sticks is the classic one and the aroma of this variety is more delicate and balsamic.

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