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The natural way to quit smoking

Nirdosh are 100% natural cigarettes handmade by Indian craftsmen. They are prepared according to an ancient Ayurvedic medicine recipe and contain only natural herbs and non-addictive essential oils.

Quit smoking with Nirdosh is easier! If you include them in a smoking cessation programme, they can help you quit nicotine addiction for good!

Why Nirdosh?

The smoker's addiction is not only related to nicotine, but also to the very act of lighting a cigarette and bringing it to the mouth. This is a mechanical action: many cigarettes are lit more as a ritual than out of a real desire to smoke. The effectiveness of the Nirdosh method is precisely due to this factor. By substituting traditional cigarettes with Nirdosh, the gesture is maintained, but you can say goodbye to nicotine addiction.

Does Nirdosh really work?

The smoker has habits and gestures that are difficult to give up. These factors are the most difficult psychological obstacles to overcome. Those who have tried Nirdosh have either quit smoking or have significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked. The data we have collected also confirms that the Nirdosh method works. 95% of those who adopted Nirdosh method have quit smoking. Keeping a pack of Nirdosh in your pocket allows you to overcome those moments when the instinct to bring a cigarette to your mouth is unstoppable.

The ingredients

Nirdosh is an herbal cigarette free of tobacco, hence nicotine, and benzopyrene. It is rolled in a leaf of Tendu, a plant similar to eucalyptus, and contains only natural herbs and spices inside. The taste of the smoke is herbaceous, full-bodied and strongly aromatic, which is why it succeeds in giving real satisfaction to even the most hardened smokers.

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