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About us

Our company

We are here to combine the oldest local traditions with modern safety standards, to provide you with effective and safe medical devices and natural remedies.

During our long travels we have encountered stories, rituals and lifestyles based on well-being and harmony between man and nature. The journey led us to the discovery of Palo Santo, a South American wood used in shamanic traditions and of the Mexican White Copal, the basis of purification in ritual ceremonies of Aztec origin. in the East, on the other hand, there was an encounter with the Ayurvedic tradition that inspires the Nirdosh and Lynpha Vitale herbal cigarettes. The passion for discovering new cultures and their traditions is the basis of the continuous research path that has originated every product chosen for you by Herborea, and marketed with registered and exclusive brands!

An ethical and sustainable world where you can freely express yourself and make your dreams come true

What you will not find

We do not follow trends, you will never find supermarket products ... we do not sell miraculous products, nor pollutants; we do not want to exploit the planet's resources or create harmful addictions. We seek to promote beauty, awareness, wellness, healthy living, free minds, joy, good vibes in everything we do! : D

Craft workshops and communities

The production of Moov and Lynphadol, Palo Santo cosmetics and soaps is entrusted to small local laboratories that have achieved European recognition, small jewels of professionalism and attention to detail. All to give you a user experience unattainable by any industrial product. The harvesting and processing of Palo Santo in Ecuador and Peru is entrusted to rural communities that live in the area respecting the woods and working conditions. Often these are areas protected by forest laws. We have crowdfunding and reforestation projects in the pipeline that will be carried out with local cooperatives; the project in Peru will support a cooperative of 15 families.


Be careful when burning incense or resin: low quality products can release toxic compounds into the air which then end up in your lungs. Choose only high quality products guaranteed by safety data sheets and smoke analysis! Our Palosanto brand products must pass severe smoke analyzes to guarantee their non-toxicity and are VeganOk certified.

Natural remedies must also be guaranteed: we have registered several of our products as class 1 medical devices, from Nirdosh herbal cigarettes to Moov and Lynphadol Ayurvedic creams, from pinhole glasses to other Ayurvedic remedies. Before entrusting your health to others, make sure they comply with safety standards!

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