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Palo Santo® Suyo Sticks + Copper Palo Santo Stick Holder

Bursera graveolens incense harvested in northern Peru. It's a Palo Santo quality characterized by a very light aroma. It's the quality we recommend to those who are approaching Palo Santo for the first time. Included in the package is a copper stick holder, a practical and elegant stand where the stick can be placed once light.
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What does the kit include?
- Palo Santo Suyo quality: Palo Santo incense variety harvested in northern Peru. The Bursera graveolens tree, in this area, grows on rocky soil with harsh climatic and environmental conditions. The aroma is soft, enveloping and fruity that touches deep emotional chords and releases new energy. It's recommended for those approaching Palo Santo for the first time. The cut of the stick is the standard one.

- Copper stick holder handcrafted by italian artisans. An elegant and practical holder where you can put the Palo Santo stick once lit. The spiral encapsulates the symbolic shape of infinity and the beneficial properties of copper. Thanks to its flexibility, it adapts to any stick's size. By purchasing the copper incense holder, you are guaranteed to buy a handcrafted, unique and environmentally friendly product since it is produced by hand.

How is the Palo Santo stick used?
Using Palo Santo is very simple, you just need some practice:
1. Light the Palo Santo stick.
2. Keep the flame lit on the stick for a couple of seconds and then extinguish it. Be careful not to keep the flame lit for too long otherwise you risk burning the resin contained inside the Palo Santo stick.
3. If the flame goes out on its own after a few seconds, don't worry, that's how it's supposed to work.
4. Once the flame is out, blow on the coating of embers that forms on the top of the stick.
5. The smoke that the stick gives off into the air is the essence and aroma of Palo Santo. The vibrations it spreads create a clean environment that promotes relaxation and introspection

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