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Palosanto® Set: Incense Burner + Palo Santo Powder + Palo Santo Cones + Charcoals

Experience intense fumigation with our Palosanto® kit. The local communities we partner with to harvest Palo Santo and the artisans who handcraft the accessories are protected by ethical and fair labor relations.
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What does the kit include?

- Terracotta incense burner. Each piece is unique because it is handmade by the best South American artisans according to techniques handed down for generations. Holes at the base of the brazier and on the lid ensure intense and long-lasting fumigation.
- Natural Palo Santo incense cones and powder, harvested between Ecuador and Peru. Its fresh, balsamic aroma purifies the energy of home and workplace environments. The aroma drives away stress and anxiety. It promotes inner rebalancing.
- Powder is ideal for intense fumigations. It can be mixed with grains and resins.
How to use them. Light a charcoal wafer, place it on the copper mesh of the brazier and then place a socket of shavings on it.
- Cones are ideal for intense and long-lasting fumigation. We recommend using them outdoors. How to use them. Light the tip of the cone and place it on the copper mesh inside the brazier. The combustion will proceed on its own.

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