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Aroma Diffuser Copper Sublimator With Candle and 2 g of Palo Santo Resin incl.

Copper sublimator, with candle, made especially for resins fumigations. It does not burn but sublimates incense, purely diffusing its aroma without generating smoke and odors associated with combustion.
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It is very easy to use and convenient to carry with you.
Simply take a pinch of resin, previously pulverized with one of our mortars, and place it on the copper saucer. Finally light the candle underneath and enjoy the aroma that the sublimation spreads in the air.
The benefits that come from sublimation are many:
• Purifies the energies of places and environments
• Promotes inner harmony and mental and physical rebalancing
• Releases an aroma that stimulates concentration and introspection
• The only way to achieve pure Palo Santo fumigation, without the woody notes of the stake.

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