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Aroma Diffuser for Palo Santo Sticks

Copper aroma diffuser, specifically designed for the sublimation of Palo Santo wood. Allows you to experience the pure aroma of Palo Santo sticks without the presence of combustion-related odours.
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The diffuser is convenient and easy to use. The stick is supported a few centimetres from the candle flame and when it heats up, it allows the resin naturally contained in the wood to sublimate, thus diffusing the pure aroma of Palo Santo without generating smoke. 
Sublimation can continue autonomously for more than an hour. When the fragrance spread in the air begins to decrease, flip the Palo Santo stick. In this way you can continue to enjoy the pure aroma of Palo Santo wood.

The incense used is the "Pequeño" Palo Santo, a variety characterized by small sticks.
Its aroma has multiple benefits: it purifies and scents the air, improves concentration and creativity and creates a relaxing environment.


The spread of the fragrance should be slow and maintained for the environment. We suggest keeping the flame about 3-6 cm from the stick.

The diffuser must be supervised and should not be abandoned before finding the right distance between the flame and the stick. This distance can vary depending on different factors. When you only smell the aroma of the resin and not that of the burning wood, then you have found the right distance between the Pequeño stick and the candle.

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