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Pinhole Glasses 'Kunzite'

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This model features medium screens, a light frame and a black colour. They are like a gym for the eyes. The black polycarbonate lenses - characterised by small holes calibrated in distance and position - help to move the eye muscles naturally.

The benefits:

They help to keep eye muscles exercised and train vision. They improve visual capacity, the effectiveness of focusing and provide relief and relaxation for the eye muscles. They are recommended for people who spend a lot OFtime in front of digital screens and those who suffer from myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. They also benefit those who suffer from excessive room brightness.

How are they used?

It is advisable to use them when you are stable and not moving as they reduce the lateral visual field; therefore, best at home or in an environment where you feel comfortable. It is important to use them with regularity and in sunny places. At the beginning, you can just use them a few minutes a day to allow the brain to get used to this new way of seeing. Then you can lead up to a couple hours a day, at your convenience.

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