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Palo Santo® Especial Incense Powder

Powder incense from Bursera graveolens harvested in the Piura region of northern Peru. This variety of Palo Santo is characterized by an intense and full-bodied aroma, ideal for rituals and ceremonies. The Palo Santo Powder format is perfect for making blends with resins or herbs, to be used either on charcoal or with the sublimator.
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Ease of use is the strength of the powder, as it burns independently once lit. It produces a high amount of smoke compared to other Palo Santo formats.
The powder format is suitable for those who intend to do purification ceremonies and rituals and for those who prefer to mix Palo Santo with other resins and incenses.
The benefits of the Palo Santo powder format are many:
• Purifies the energies of places and environments
• Promotes inner harmony and mental and physical rebalancing
• Releases an aroma that stimulates concentration and introspection
• It creates a relaxing atmosphere that stimulates creativity.
• Wards off pesky insects.
Palo Santo powder is made by crumbling wood from the Bursera graveolens tree. Using it is very simple:

1. Light a charcoal and place it on the metal grid that is inside the brazier (look at one of our handmade, earthenware braziers).
2. When the charcoal becomes burning, take a socket of powder and place it on it.
3. Palo Santo powder ignites in a short time and releases abundant smoke.
4. The duration of fumigation of the powder is quite limited so it is necessary to renew the incense often.

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