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Palo Santo 'Pupular Suyo' Wood Sticks - Premium Quality Incense

Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of Palo Santo with our Popular collection. Harvested in the Suyo region of northern Peru, our Palo Santo Popular variety provides a natural and sustainable solution to purify your environment and enhance your well-being. Experience the intense and aromatic qualities of this meticulously handcrafted and responsibly sourced Palo Santo incense variety. Elevate your space with the finest Palo Santo from Peru
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Introducing our Palo Santo Popular collection, featuring regular-sized, intensely fragrant sticks. Their medium thickness and captivating scent make them perfect for naturally purifying your surroundings and creating a profound sense of well-being.
Derived from the Bursera graveolens tree, Palo Santo is a natural incense that has been renowned in South America for millennia, traditionally used to ward off negative influences and heavy energies while promoting harmony and mental and physical balance.

The Palo Santo Popular stands as a testament to the essence of quality. In partnership with local communities, we responsibly gather only Palo Santo wood that has naturally fallen to the ground at the end of its life cycle. After aging for a minimum of three years, the wood is meticulously hand-cut, with each stick carefully selected one by one. Only the finest and most aromatic portions of Peruvian Palo Santo wood are chosen to create the Palosanto Popular collection.

Carefully selected at the source and further refined by our specialists, this premium variety offers a superior aromatic experience. Its visually perfect sticks, rich in resin, deliver an unparalleled sensory journey. Every aspect of the Palo Santo Popular reflects our commitment to providing the utmost satisfaction and an extraordinary connection with nature.


With the Palosanto® brand, you can rest assured that our products are 100% natural and eco-friendly. We collaborate with local families in Ecuador to craft our Palo Santo incense. By prioritizing ethical and sustainable harvesting, we honor the environmental balance of the Dry Forest. We subject our Palo Santo wood to smoke analysis to certify their purity and quality, to offer a genuine and sustainable incense experience.



Wondering how to burn Palo Santo? It's essential to let the wood release its aromatic smoke through embers instead of keeping it aflame. This method ensures a long-lasting smudging experience, allowing you to fully enjoy its benefits.

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