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Steel Charcoal Holder for Incense Burners

An accessory designed for all types of Palosanto® incense fumigation requiring charcoal.
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This holder can be used as it is in your fumigations, to support charcoals or incense cones, or it can be combined with other products. For example, it is perfect to use inside one of our round terracotta braziers or inside our Copalera to support the charcoal and allow prolonged and continuous fumigation.


How to use:

This is a unique and original accessory, ideal to use for long and intense fumigations.

Once one end of the charcoal is lit, place it on the holder. The charcoal will become glowing and allow the continuous fumigation of your favourite incense. Add a pinch of grains, powder or resin to enjoy a full fumigation experience.

Suitable for 33 cm diameter charcoals.



This is a product made by local artisans, therefore environmentally friendly. We have designed it after years of experience in the world of fumigations, to offer you a practical, versatile and efficient accessory.

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