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Palo Santo Amarillo Incense Cones

Bursera graveolens incense cones harvested in the Manabì region of southern Ecuador. This Palo Santo quality is characterized by a fresh and slightly balsamic aroma. Ideal for purifying the energy of rooms and perfuming them for a long time.
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Palo Santo is a natural incense from the Bursera graveolens plant. The benefits of its aroma are many: it purifies the energies of the environment, promotes inner harmony and mental and physical rebalancing, and stimulates concentration and introspection.

It is the variety of the Manabì region in Ecuador. The Palo Santo from this region thrives in a favourable environment: the soil is not very rocky and temperature changes are gentler and the climatic and environmental conditions are influenced by the proximity of the sea. These factors make the aroma of this variety more citrusy and balsamic.


How are the cones used?

On average, a fumigation with the cone format takes twenty minutes. This is one of the easiest formats to use:

  1. Place the cone on the metal mesh inside the terracotta incense burner.
  2. Light the end of the cone without letting it catch too much flame.
  3. Once lit, the cone will continue on its own until exhausted.
  4. If you wish to stop the fumigation earlier, simply press the tip of the cone on which the layer of embers is on to a surface.
  5. If, on the other hand, you continue with the fumigation, you will notice that the more it proceeds, the more abundant it will be. This happens because the cone as it burns increases the volume of its burning area and consequently the smoke produced will also increase.


The benefits:

The cone format has one major advantage over all other formats: once lit they continue to burn independently, no charcoal is needed to light them.

The smoke produced by the cone is subtle at first and gradually becomes more intense, diffusing a strong and pervasive fragrance into the room. The cones are ideal for intense and aromatic fumigations.

Palo Santo cones also:

- Purify the energies of places and environments

- Promote inner harmony and mental and physical rebalancing

- Release an aroma that stimulates concentration and introspection

- Create a relaxing atmosphere that stimulates creativity

- Ward off annoying insects.

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