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Palo Santo Amarillo Essential Oil

Pure Palo Santo wood essential oil 100% natural and wildcrafted from Ecuador.
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100% pure Palo Santo wood essential oil, extracted by steam distillation from Bursera graveolens wood native to Ecuador.

It is produced in Ecuador, in collaboration with local population. They search 50,000 hectares of Dry Forest in the Manabi region for Palo Santo wood naturally fallen to the ground. The most valuable parts are selected to produce incense sticks, while the parts with some natural plant imperfections are used for oil production.


Why you should choose Palo Santo essential oil:

Our Essential Oil is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product. It is also an ethical product, as it allows for the utilization of wood that do not meet the quality standards required for stick production.

Palo Santo essential oil can be used in aromatherapy to restore harmony and balance in ourselves and our environments.
Used with a diffuser or sublimator, its aroma brings relief and well-being.
The essential oil represents the essence of the plant; the energy of Palo Santo is higher here than in other incenses, which is why the oil acts on higher frequencies.
The vibrations its aroma releases are comparable to those of a harp and its action is to maintain a purified and clean environment: ideal during moments of meditation or concentration.

Palo Santo oil can also be used on the skin, if previously mixed in a carrier oil (e.g., almond oil), at a maximum of 2%. It is ideal for relaxing and balancing massages. The high percentage of limonene also makes it perfect for counteracting skin irritation and inflammation due to insect bites and relieving symptoms of dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. 


Why you should choose Amarillo variety:

The characteristics of the environment in which Palo Santo grows in Ecuador, thus the soil and the proximity to the ocean, makes the aroma of this wood more delicate, with fresh and balsamic notes.

The essential oil extracted from the wood is characterized by a yang, masculine-type vibration, encapsulated in the elongated fiber of the Palo Santo tree. Its strength is warrior and restorative, and its use is optimal for activating vibrations of intent.

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